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Sometimes it can be hard to identify exactly what prompts a search for help…and reducing the complexities and mystery of being human and alive to a set of 'problems to be solved' is already a distorting simplification. It could be some kind of suffering, a dilemma or predicament, perhaps in combination, or simply curiosity to see if and how therapy might contribute to living well.

I like this quote from the poet and writer Jane Hirshfield:

'Poems do not need to reverse grief, or to undo or recast history, to do their work of moving and change. There are times when even the thought of solution insults the actual and irreversible truths of a life. Yet acknowledgement of what is, agreement to what is, are companions enough to alter us, inside the unsolvable hour'.

Jane Hirshfield, Ten Windows, Alfred A Knopf, 2015, p261

Although Hirshfield is talking about poetry, what she says here applies to therapy as well. So much can shift through 'acknowledgement of what is'. This does not mean repeating what we already cognitively know, but discovering, in the dialogue and exploration at the heart of therapy, that what we know implicitly has its own wisdom and that when we articulate that, something shifts. It is this embodied awareness and languaging of experience that can be the key to self-care and finding our next steps.

My professional training is in Core Process Psychotherapy. This is a mindfulness-based approach, combining awareness in the present moment with understandings of how patterns of relating to self and world form in our earliest experience and through later trauma and how we can find more helpful and creative ways of being. Mindfulness practice comes originally from the Buddhist traditions and influences on this approach include Buddhist approaches to relieving suffering as well as Focusing.

I don’t think I can say it better than Gabor Mate does here:

Psychotherapy as I try to practice it is a path back to re-connection and relationship - to ourselves, to others, to nature, to the soul.

Sessions are always about me listening to you - and more importantly, about you listening to you. We will attend to what might be implicit, with invitations to explore more deeply. In this process you can be empowered to sense and find your own way forward. We may also use writing or artwork or explore your dreams if that is right for you.

I am registered with BUPA, Axa and Aviva.

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