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I offer psychotherapy and counselling to individuals by Skype/ Zoom/ phone during the Covid-19 pandemic. I’ve been a psychotherapist for more than 20 years, working with all kinds of people bringing all kinds of issues. My approach is integrative, mindfulness-based and relational - you can find more details here

When we can work face-to-face, I have practices in Stoke Newington, London, N16 and in Bloomsbury, Central London, close to Holborn tube, at the Bloomsbury Therapy Centre

Sessions are 50 minutes and are usually at the same time and place very week.

Fees are from £65 per session in Stoke Newington, London N16 or by Skype/ Zoom.

Sessions in Central London at the Bloomsbury Therapy Centre are from £80

Please call or email if you are interested and would like to arrange an initial consultation.

Mobile: 07791519844
Email: Click here to email

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Core Process Psychotherapy

My main training is in Core Process Psychotherapy, which is an integrative, relational approach combining mindfulness with understandings drawn from developmental and depth psychology. You'll find more about this approach below.

'Integrative' means bringing together, in terms of both theory and practice. So, understandings drawn from developmental psychology, of trauma and healing, dimensions of meaning and purpose, 'spiritual' and transpersonal aspects, are brought together. And the practice of mindful awareness allows these aspects to be explored and held with compassion. Integrative also refers to bringing together aspects of ourselves that may be 'exiled' or in conflict with each other....

'Relational' simply means that the therapeutic relationship itself is the foundation for good psychotherapy and counselling. Growth, healing, transformation can only happen in a situation of trust and support, so therapy can never be an 'impersonal procedure'...

Perhaps the most important benefit of good psychotherapy is that over time and with practice you learn to become your own 'therapist'. In other words, your relationship to yourself changes for the better. You may become more able to befriend your experience, even when that experience is difficult. This may equip you to deal in ways that feel better to you with life's ups and downs.

Sessions are usually once a week, for 50 minutes, at the same time and on the same day.

At the moment sessions are offered by Skype/ phone/ Zoom and in Stoke Newington , London N16.

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Influences on this work include Buddhism, Focusing, Jungian and psychoanalytical understandings, artwork and imaginal/dreamwork practice, all of which form part of my personal experience.

From Buddhist practice comes the possibility of being with the suffering that forms part of every human life in a more spacious and compassionate way - the possibility of bringing a kind embodied, aware acceptance to our experience and to others. Mindfulness practice also brings a more attuned awareness to the processual nature of the self and of all life: we are always changing, we are a process rather than a fixed 'thing', so we can influence how we are with our experience, and our future direction, and this is a freedom we can never lose.

From Focusing comes a trust in the body-mind's wisdom. Trusting and following the ‘felt sense’ may move us forward quite naturally in the direction that is right for us.

From artwork, imaginal and dreamwork practice comes a trust in the depths of the psyche, which - in dialogue with conscious awareness - can bring us towards more creative living.

Jungian ideas and practice provide helpful maps and metaphors, and means of navigation for all of this. The ancient stories and myths of all cultures, as Jung discovered, can still offer us huge resources.

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